We Love helping people planning for their weddings. We do everything and more that a big box store does not offer.

Currently Registered Couples

June 24, 2017 ~ Sarah Wierks & Chris Les
– – – – – – – – – – – – – –
December 23, 2016 ~ Jolene Kooyman & Cayden Kloot
November 26, 2016 ~ Kristy Martens & Nick Simon
September 25, 2016 ~ Loanne Smith & Josh Power
September 10, 2016 ~ Keisha Boutilier & Drew Johnson
September 17,2016 ~ Aileen Atkins & Ryan Mathews
September 17,2016 ~ Brianna Houweling & Brandon Kooyman
September 9,2016 ~ Edelaine Manuel & Alberto Roca
August 27,2016 ~Catherine Fortin & Ian Mazurenko
August 20,2016 ~ Kiera Haraga & Ben Crosman
August 19,2016 ~ Hannah Mac Donald & Trevor Whelpton
August 13,2016 ~ Janae Hildebrandt & Brent Klassen
August 13,2016 ~ Brittany Tegtmeier & Thomas Shipley
August 6,2016 ~ Alise Ricka & Alex Hoogendoorn

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We love to Make It Beautiful for our couples, their families and friends.

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We have found that most of our couples enjoy setting an appointment with us after hours of the store closing. This way we can give the bride the kind of attention she deserves to make decisions for her gift registry. Often the couples bring friends, family members, and sometimes the groom to choose gifts that will make their home beautiful.

Once the gifts are chosen a list is compiled that guests may come into the store or call to ask about the gifts registered. We are very accommodating for out of town guests. They can purchase by phone. We have even delivered gifts to the reception for out of town guests unable to attend the wedding!

At Winks we beautifully gift wrap free of charge all of the gifts…another thing to take off the “ to do list” for guests.

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